Horseback Riding Instruction and Games Books

Themed Lesson Plans for Riding Instructors Themed Lesson Plans for Riding Instructors
Troup. A wealth of ideas, exercises and plans for group or individual lessons. Great ideas for all levels and ages. Each lesson plan follows a natural progression, gradually building up the difficulty of the exercises as the ability of the rider increases. Themes include first lessons, lead-line lessons, circles, school figures, work without stirrups, work without reins, transitions, lateral work, using poles, canter work, dressage tests, drill rides, and games. Throughout the book there are tips on how to deliver the lessons, what to look for in rider faults, and how to help riders improve and make real progress.

08-0183 Themed Lesson Plans for Riding Instructors $29.99

Teaching Children to RideTeaching Children to Ride
Wallace. Lots of practical and fun ideas for lessons and riding activities. Includes many games not found in other books. Well illustrated.

08-0114 Teaching Children to Ride $29.99

Games for Kids on HorsebackGames for Kids on Horseback
Gabriele Karcher. From riding lessons to club events, the 16 games collected in this entertaining and safety-conscious book provide hours of enjoyment for young riders and their horses. It includes classic games that have been played in 4-H and United States Pony Clubs groups for decades: egg-and-spoon, sit-a-buck, breakaway, and musical chairs, among others. The games are ideal ways to build horsemanship and reinforce specific riding skills, such as starting and stopping, mounting and dismounting, balance, and steering‹all while having fun with horses and friends. Ideal for ages 6-10.

08-0119 Games for Kids on Horseback $15.99

Games on HorsebackGames on Horseback
Bennett-Talbot and Bennett. More than 50 games for all levels of ability. Improves the rider's skills of balance, steering, leading, starting and stopping, and mounting and dismounting. Games are illustrated, described with complete instructions, specific cautions, and variations.

08-0102 Games on Horseback $19.99

Mounted GamesMounted Games
Weber. A picture book from England. Describes various games that can be played on horseback. Includes some vaulting games, as well as games of skill and precision.

08-0115 Mounted Games $13.99