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More Than a MirrorMore Than a Mirror
Shannon Knapp. A thorough and passionate examination of both the theory and practice of EAP/EAL. More Than a Mirror incorporates multiple perspectives on multiple modalities within the equine-assisted field. A deeply caring visionary, Knapp's voice reaches out to challenge those passionate enough to keep questioning and improving their professional process. Providing deep insight into the roles of horse and horse professional in creating meaningful change for clients, as well as examining the scientific theories behind the work, this book is a must-read for anyone serious about the field of equine-assisted practice.

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Horse Sense, Business SenseHorse Sense, Business Sense
Shannon Knapp. Developed by one of the leaders in the field of Equine Assisted Practice, Horse Sense, Business Sense is written for those seeking to learn the business basics essential for a successful journey into Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning. Practical and pragmatic, Horse Sense, Business Sense relates the straightforward and oftentimes humorous story of the author's own journey from idealistic up-start to savvy entrepreneur, with key principles and pointers ideal for the new therapy business. Knapp is one of the more experienced veterans in the field, and has learned firsthand that creating a successful practice comes only after learning how to create a successful business foundation. Learn the necessary "Horse Sense" principles to avoid the pitfalls that can threaten your success in the exciting new world of Equine Assisted Practice. Horse Sense, Business Sense is the book therapists and equine businesses have been waiting forŠ and a terrific common-sense book for anyone trying to be financially successful while following their dreams.

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Horse Sense Skill CardsHorse Sense Skill CardsHorse Sense Skill Cards
The 50 cards in the Horse Sense Skill Cards are designed to assist in the process of learning and development that occurs through equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning sessions. Originally designed for working with at-risk and adjudicated youth, the scope has been expanded, and these cards are now suitable for a variety of populations including couples, families, groups and more!

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