Helmet Notice and Warning

ASTM SEI Certified

This headgear is designed only for equestrian use. Although all the helmets in this catalog meet or exceed ASTM F 1163-90a and are approved by the Safety Equipment Institute, except where noted, no headgear can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts. Under certain conditions riding or driving accidents can cause serious injury or death. The headgear must fit well, and all retention straps must be securely fastened. It will provide no protection whatsoever if damaged, if worn without chin strap securely fastened, or if impact is to portion of head not covered by helmet. Equestrian helmets offering more protection may be capable of being designed and/or may not be presently available and helmets or headgear designed for purposes other than equestrian use may provide greater protection to the head than equestrian helmets do.

, or any of its employees make no warranty as to this representation, nor do we make any representation or warranty as to the adequacy or reliability of such standards.