Saddles for Very Small Riders and Very Small Equines

Shamrock Kid's SaddleShamrock Kid's SaddleShamrock Kid's SaddleShamrock Kid's SaddleShamrock Kid's Saddle
A saddle designed for kids with kids' proportions in mind. Young children are not just small adults, they have proportionally longer torsos and shorter legs. So their saddle cannot be a miniature version of an adult saddle. The Shamrock looks a little funny - until you put a child on it.

Stirrup bars are placed to give correct balance. The long grab strap is included, it allows young riders to learn correct hand position and feel secure without hanging on the horse's mouth.

All the important features of an adult saddle but proportioned for a child: open grain leather which absorbs oil and preservatives; and steel/wood tree and flocking which can be adjusted to fit different conformations. Stirrups and girth not included.

01-0101 Shamrock Kid's Saddle $844.99

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Kincade Lead Line SaddleKincade Lead Line Saddle
Lightweight synthetic saddle designed especially for very small riders. Comfortable, secure seat, with hand grip. Black. Stirrups and girth not included. 14". Styles may vary slightly.

01-0173 Kincade Lead Line Saddle $113.99

Lead Line SaddlePro Am Lead Line Saddle
13" seat with built in handle bar. Black ultrasuede for good rider grip. Hooks for English stirrup leathers and irons. Use with an English girth. Stirrups and girth not included.

01-0174 Pro Am Lead Line Saddle $149.99