English Safety Stirrups

Korsteel Polymer Stirrup Toe CagesKorsteel Stirrup Toe Cages
These toe cages fit most traditional English fillis stirrup irons. Prevent feet from sliding forward, and encourage the correct placement of feet in the stirrups. Lightweight polymer material is durable and easy to care for. They are easily attached and removed from stirrip irons without tools. Their small size makes them easy to pack up and store when not in use. To fit into stirrup irons, simply remove the regular pads from your stirrup irons and replace with Korsteel Stirrup Toe Cages, screwing the two attachments down through the bottom opening of the irons. The notch on the back keeps the cage from sliding. A traditional studded stirrup pad provides grip for boots. Dark gray, small (4" to 4-1/2" stirrups) or large (4-3/4" stirrups and larger). Fits all sizes of English stirrups (stirrups not included). Sold in pairs.

01-3701 Korsteel Stirrup Toe Cages $27.99

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Dapps Safety StirrupsDapps Safety StirrupsDapps Safety Stirrups
Easily convert your conventional English stirrups to safety stirrups. Rubber, imported from England, assembly required (pictured, right). Fits all sizes of English stirrups. Sold in pairs.

01-3730 Dapps Safety Stirrups $89.99